Are You Starting a Small Business

Don't Spend a Penny on Web Design Until You Speak to Me.

I know that sounds dramatic, it is a headline after all. But in over 20 years running my own small business, I've had more than my fair share of interactions with web designers and DIY website-building software.

I've learned what works and what is purely fluff. And, trust me, there is a lot of fluff out there.

Want to know how much fluff? I don't write code. I'm not a graphic designer. Yet, I built and wrote most of what you see on this website in less than 4 hours. 

Using the tools I recommend, I can teach you to do the same.

a Website Infrastructure That Actually Works

what can I help you with? 

Save Money

You won't have to spend money on multiple "solutions", only to find yet another that doesn't work for you.

Do It Right, First Time

Spare yourself the trauma of finding that what you've done doesn't allow for expansion and needs a complete re-write.

Avoid Learning by Experience

Experimentation is great, but not when you don't have time to waste. Spend that time on generating income instead.

Keep Control of Your Website

Don't get stuck in the cycle of having to contact your designer every time you need to make a change.

Time is now

to take control of your web presence

Building a Web Presence Can Be a Minefield

The moment you decide to start a small business, everyone tells you that you need to build a website. And they've all got advice for how to do it.

There are web design companies that will tell you about the importance of fancy graphics, shout about the impressive sounding "conversion rates" their websites get and promise the earth. Sadly, many deliver little or nothing.

Or there are the numerous DIY solutions that are free or cheap. Yet, we all know what the words "free" and "cheap" mean when it comes to almost any product out there. Web design solutions are no different.

There is a Better Way

Instead of spending a fortune to have a website built, only to find that it doesn't do what you actually want and then having to spend even more money to make changes, why not find a solution that gives you TOTAL CONTROL?

I have that solution.

If You Want to Learn To Do Something...

 Find someone who has actually done it. Find someone who has made the mistakes and found solutions.

Then, get them to teach you their method.

Why Would You Use My Solution?

I know there are loads of people out there offering to help you build your website. Some of them even offer some integration with other services. 

My solution is different.

A Simple Set of Tools

I've spent thousands trying different tools. The ones I recommend are the best and easiest to use that I've found.

You Learn How To Do It

Instead of being dependent on me (or someone else) to maintain your web presence, you'll learn what to do.

Use What You Have Already

Some of the tools you have might do the job perfectly well. Instead of spending money unnecessarily, I'll show you how to use them.

You Never Lose Control

You'll never have to rely on someone who is unavailable to fix or make changes to your website. It's always yours to control.

Website That Works for You

Instead of simply having an impressive digital business card, I'll help you to create a website that actually does stuff for you.

No Design Expertise Needed

Web design firms rely on us not knowing how to create code or graphics for our sites. You'll learn that you don't need these.

Got Half an Hour? Find Out More With a No Obligation Chat